“Now You Can Release The Weight Of
Past Relationships So You Can Finally
Be Free To Love Again!”

You Don’t Have To Suffer Those Feelings Of Pain And Loss Over Your Exes Ever Again Thanks To This Breakthrough In Subconscious Programming!

From: Orna & Matthew
RE: Your Past Relationships… It’s Time To Finally Heal Those Wounds

You’ve made an incredibly smart decision by investing in The Soulmate Shortcut. Once you see how quickly it works to reveal Your Love Imprint™, you’ll wish you had discovered it 20 years ago! The good news is that it’s never too late to find your soulmate, and this program is going to help you do exactly that.

Over the years we’ve helped so many wonderful women just like you to get go of their old programming (which was put there by a small child), and finally have a love imprint that’s in alignment with their truest desires. We can’t wait to hear how this impacts you too!

Now since you’re on the path to finding your Beloved, it’s important that we let you know about one thing that could get in the way of your success, and show you how to overcome it easily and effortlessly (in fact, we do all the work for you on this one).

Here’s How Your Past Relationships Are Preventing
You From Finding And Keeping Lasting Love!

Go and think about your ex for a moment. You know… the one that you still have a lot of pain and unresolved “stuff” around. Maybe there’s even more than one, and that’s okay. Just pick one.

Got him in your mind? Okay, now here’s the good news. That relationship is done and over with. He’s gone. You’re free.

Or are you?

You see, even if he’s no longer in your life. Even if you two are friends now. There’s still a part of him that’s “stuck” inside you (you probably still feel this sometimes). As it turns out, there are 6 major negative emotions that get “stuck” inside our subconscious memories of our exes.

Unless we release those emotions, they’ll continue to get in our way and affect our future relationship. Those emotions are:

  • Fear
  • Anger
  • Sadness
  • Hurt
  • Shame
  • Guilt

The Good News Is That Those Trapped Emotions Are
Easy To Release… Once You Have The Right Tool!

Have you ever tried other processes to “release” your ex? If you’re anything like us, you may have tried things like:

  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Positive thinking
  • Therapy
  • Forgiveness workshops
  • EFT – tapping


The Burn Your Baggage Formula™

Release The Past, Heal Your Heartbreak, And Create
Your Future From A Clean Slate!

This downloadable audio program contains 6 magical, guided processes that gently walk you into the emotional core of your memories around your exes and releases those trapped emotions for good!

And what’s really cool is that it actually handles the negative emotions that are linked to ALL of your exes at the same time. There’s no need for you to go in and heal every single memory. We’ve developed our process in a way that lets you release it once and them BAM… it hits all the others like a chain reaction!

People have told us that they instantly feel lighter and have more energy after going through this process. In fact…

Listen To What Some Of Our Students Say
About The Burn Your Baggage Program

“Thank you Orna and Matthew!

I now feel in control in my relationships. Before this I felt so out of control with most people. I recognize that no one is draining me and no one is making me feel anything. I’m the one in charge of how I feel. And this in turn makes me realize that most people are much nicer than I thought. They’re worried about what I think of them! I never really got that before at all.

I can’t tell you guys how different this is. It feels like getting let out of prison. I had no idea how much stuff I’m in control of. I can meet men whenever I want to!

With love and gratitude,”

“Orna and Matthew,

So much has changed since doing your release program!

The most powerful change is that I’m letting go of judging myself and of judging other people. This is a huge breakthrough. And somehow this makes me not get pulled in to other peoples’ energies. I’ve become more patient and even-tempered, which I’ve always struggled with. My relationship with my family is much better. I haven’t felt shame in weeks! At all! Plus I’ve been asking for what I want more and more.

For the first time, I am not afraid of having my soul mate relationship. Before this, a part of me truly didn’t want a relationship because I was afraid I wouldn’t be authentic. I am not afraid anymore. I feel now that having a relationship will only help me to be more authentic.

Thank you so much!”

Susan S.
“Hi Orna and Matthew,

Thanks to you I feel like I spoke to my soon-to-be ex in a very genuine and authentic way. Feel like I spoke my truth. He tried to say I “misled” him – but I stayed authentic. I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me. I don’t know what the future holds but it is BRIGHT… and I KNOW something great is headed my way.

Thank you! I know this program has given me MORE of my own voice than I have ever had. And I am starting to speak it for myself.”


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Why are we doing this? Two reasons. First, we are proud to be associated with action-takers like you, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get a complete education in finding your soulmate.

Second, we know how important it is to release these core, negative emotions, and we don’t want finances to get in the way of you finally freeing yourself from the weight of the past.

So go ahead and take action now by adding this to your order. Just like our other programs, you’ll get instant access to The Burn Your Baggage Formula™, even if it’s 3 in the morning. Remember, this heavily discounted offer is only available this once, so go ahead and just click the big, orange “Add To Cart” button below, and finally free yourself from the weight of the past.

Orna & Matthew